Precious Pomskies

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Kobi (62/38) X Flex (25/75)

Due July 15th 2019

Kobi never fails to amaze us with her stunning puppies! We decided to pair her with Flex this litter and know they will be absolutely breathtaking! Kobi weighs about 12lbs and Flex tips the scale at 8lbs so we expect Mini and Micro puppies. 

We will begin waitlist picks on Kobi and Flex's puppies next week! Check back here for available puppies or message me to me notified.

Royal (62/38) X Crush (50/50)

Due date TBA

This is Royal's 4th and final litter. We have decided to pair her with Crush and are so excited to see their puppies! Royal weighs about 20lbs and Crush is 16lbs so we expect puppies in that range. Check back for due date!